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Weekly Newsletter (No.4) 18 February 2021

          Bryandale Pre-Primary

          School                                                                     Upcoming Events –

               Dear Parents,
                                                                                     School Photos – 26  February
               Our theme for the next two weeks will be Our Family.
               We will focus on members of our family and what makes
               a family. As a school we are very aware that families
               come in many different forms and each family is
               unique. With that in mind if you have any concerns
               regarding your child and the discussions that we will
               be having around families please do not hesitate to
               contact your child’s Class Teacher and inform them. This
               is a wonderful opportunity for each child in the school
               to teach their classmates about their special family.

               I feel that we have hit the jackpot with having you and
               your children at our school! We are so enjoying getting to
               know you and your lovely children. Thank you for your
               patience with the morning and afternoon procedures, for
               your friendliness and for your generosity – Mirriam’s
               nephew has an abundance of supplies, as a result of your

             professional photographer will be coming to our school
             to take photographs of the children for their class photo
             and their individual packages.  The cost of these
             photographs is included in your school fees.  Kindly
             ensure that all your children wear the correct school
             uniform.  To re-order photos, please contact the School
             within 2 weeks of receiving the Photo’s, quoting the
             <…..JPG> number on the back of the print.  These will
             need to be paid for by you at the time of ordering.

          2.  ICE ID Bracelets:  We are in the process of ordering ICE
             ID bracelets.  Your child will receive their ICE ID bracelet
             within the next two weeks.

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