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10 Ways to Spend Time with Your Family

        1. Have At Least One Meal Together

        Make it a point to have at least one meal together as a family. You could have breakfast or dinner together. We know
        that having lunch together every day is not possible because of your jobs but don’t let that stop you from spending
        time as a family Enjoy a meal together, share your thoughts and feelings, and spend quality time.

        2. Exercise or Workout Together

        Working out with your family members can be a lot of fun. This is a double win for all as this way you will be
        healthy as well. Join the local gym, or simply, work out at home if you’ve got the equipment. You can also teach
        your kids to exercise. Start teaching simple exercises to your kids; once they get a knack of it, they will look forward
        to exercising schedules and spending time with you.

        3. Go for a Walk After Dinner

        There’s just something beautiful about the nights, don’t you think? There is silence but it is peaceful. It’s the best
        time to go for a walk. After your meal and before going to bed, make it a point to take a walk or stroll on the empty
        road outside. Take your family along. Talk to each other, make plans for the future, and just enjoy!

        4. Pick a Book to Read

        You could read a book to your little one. Inculcating the habit of reading is a great way to expand knowledge and
        creativity. Pick a good book to read, and you can later discuss what you’ve read. This way you can spend time with
        your kid and help him learn a new story as well.

          3. Plan a Day Out Each Month

        Once a month, go out on a field trip or picnic. And every year, plan a vacation to a place where you have
        never been before. Travelling and visiting places can be great fun and is a fantastic way to spend some quality time
        with your family.

        6. Turn Off Your Phone

        You’re with your family. The plan is to spend quality time. Taking calls, especially from work, should be the last
        thing you do when you’re spending time with your family. So, switch off your phones and focus on each other.

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