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                                                    Advert Disclaimer
            Please note that the views expressed in the advertisements below are not necessarily those of Bryandale Pre-Primary School.
          Although corporate members have been recommended by members of the community, Bryandale Pre-Primary does not endorse
         individual products or services. Bryandale Pre-Primary reserves the right to edit all submissions. To ensure that the services provided
         to our parents are of the quality befitting our parent community, we encourage parents to inform us of their experience with service

                                               “STYLISHLY SORTED”

                                              The time to declutter is now!

                   Why now? Because our lives are chaotic and even our brains are cluttered.

                        We need our homes to be our sanctuary and our breathing space.

                 Stylishly sorted has been helping people to declutter and breathe for 8 years.

                                            SERVICES OFFERED INCLUDE:

          Sorting and decluttering rooms/shelves/cupboards/garages/studies and anything else
          needing sorting and organising.

          Selling items no longer needed/wanted

          Taking items no longer needed/wanted to charities as donations

          Supervising a “Handy man”, carpenter to install necessary shelving/hooks etc. needed for
          tidying and organizing

          Packing up your home for your move to a new home and unpacking and organizing your
          belongings in your new home

                                Make it your turn to be an elated, clutter free client!

                      Call Michelle on 083 406 1457 / email

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