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Grade R

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Meet Our Amazing Staff
  • Gill Leach

    Gill Leach


  • Nadine Correia

    Nadine Correia

    Red Class & Grade Head

  • Roz van der Merwe

    Roz van der Merwe

    Orange Class

  • Lauren Woolard

    Lauren Woolard

    Yellow Class

  • Hayleigh Alexander

    Hayleigh Alexander

    Blue Class

  • Daniela Riva

    Daniela Riva

    Green Class

  • Michelle Aylott

    Michelle Aylott


  • Nicola Atkinson

    Nicola Atkinson

    Assistant Teacher

  • Angela Tyson

    Angela Tyson


  • Debbie Mills

    Debbie Mills

    Office Administrator

  • Mirriam Machete

    Mirriam Machete

    Ground Staff

  • Gloria Sebasa

    Gloria Sebasa

    Ground Staff

  • Gideon Moyo

    Gideon Moyo

    Ground Staff

  • Mrs G

    Mrs G


  • Mrs A

    Mrs A