About Us

Bryandale Pre-Primary School has a long-standing tradition and pride in a learner-centred programme that aims at the comprehensive education of all learners. Parents and teachers work together at school and at home to instil core values, and the school offers a base of clear communication and support. The dedicated and passionate staff work together as a dynamic team; and on-going professional development is imperative in their endeavour to properly prepare learners to function independently in a twenty-first century world.

Bryandale Pre-Primary is a member of ISASA.

Bryandale Pre-Primary School is a private feeder school adjoining the Bryandale Primary School in Bryanston, where Grade R children are taught by fully qualified Pre-Primary School teachers. It is an association not for gain and is situated on an acre of treed garden with ideal accommodation and the very latest educational equipment!"

Our Mission:

"..... to maintain and promote the character and ethos of Bryandale School, manifested in the code of conduct and to educate learners towards responsible citizenship by identifying and developing their full potential in partnership with parents and the community."


Qualified Teachers:

Fully qualified Pre-Primary school teachers with the minimum of a four-year Pre-Primary teaching diploma.

Grade R Programme:

A comprehensive Grade R programme based on sound educational principals, which have been approved by the G.D.E. Full implementation of the Jolly Phonics reading system.


Very competitive fees, payable over eleven months of the year, which include all outings, visits, shows, hearing and vision testing etc.

Caring Environment:

A warm, caring environment in which the children develop confidence and a positive self-image

Latest Equipment:

Suitable equipment necessary for enhancing all aspects of a child's development.

Suitable Play Area:

Ideal accommodation and outdoor play area on an acre of treed garden.