2024 Fees

Fees for 2024 are R5 200.00 per month and will increase by approximately 5% next year  - as set out by the board of Trustees. School times are from 07h00 to 13h30.  We open the front gate at 07h00 and close the gate at 13h30.  Aftercare is then available from 13h30 to 17h30.



A willingness on the part of the responsible parent or guardian (hereafter referred to as "the parent") to pay school fees is a necessary condition of the enrolment and ongoing attendance of a child at Bryandale Pre-Primary School (“the School”).


The School Principal has the responsibility for the financial wellbeing of the School. As a consequence, it is the Principal who has ultimate responsibility for the collection of school fees.

In cases of excluding a child from the School for a non-payment of school fees, the Principal must seek the concurrence of the Trustees.

Parents will be advised of the School’s policy on fees at the time of application, as well as in the letter of acceptance for a child's enrolment. Although the policy on the collection of school fees applies chiefly to tuition fees, the same broad principles also apply to all other outstanding payments owed to the School by a family eg. Aftercare fees.

Procedure for the collection of school fees

Monthly fees are payable in advance on the 1st of every month.  The arrangements for the forwarding and payment of the fees are as follows:

  • Parents are advised on Enrolment and in their letter of acceptance, of the terms of the School fee payments.  The amount due is a fixed amount every month. 
  • Payment of the fees is due on the 1st Day of every month, except where a special arrangement has been agreed to between the parent and the School.
  • A second reminder will be sent by email and a phone call will be made. A telephone call will also be made to the parents, by the Bursar.
  • A second reminder statement, similar in content to the first, will be dispatched by hand and via email to non-complying parents on the 14th of the Month.  In addition, the notice will warn parents of the consequences of the continued non-payment and failure to make contact with the School.
  • Where there is not a satisfactory response within one week to the second reminder notice, the School will attempt to contact the parent by phone. The parent will be encouraged to attend the School for a formal interview with the Bursar and or the Principal.
  • Parents who are in arrears with the payment of school fees and who have not made a special arrangement with the School will be considered not to have fulfilled their minimum obligations in respect to the payment of school fees. This situation will lead to consequences, which are explained later in the policy.
  • Where a special arrangement in terms of late or non-payment has not been made, the school reserves the right to charge interest on any amount in arrears.

Special arrangements

In circumstances where there is an inability to pay full school fees, it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the School Bursar or the Principal, in order to make a special arrangement.

Engagement of Debt Collection Agency

In the event of a parent not fulfilling the minimum obligations, as defined above, the school may make arrangements with a debt collection agency to pursue the unpaid fees.

The parent will be notified by email and telephone call that arrangements are in hand to engage a debt collection agency.

Exclusion of a child from the school

The Principal, with the concurrence of the Trustees, has the power to exclude from the School, the children of parents who do not meet their minimum obligations in relation to the payment of school fees.  This does not include parents who have reached a mutually agreed special arrangement with the School.

The engagement of a debt collection agency to pursue unpaid school fees and the exclusion of a child from the School, are not mutually exclusive events.  In other words, at the discretion of the Principal, as well as the Trustees, a debt collection agency may be engaged before or after steps have been taken to exclude a child from the School.

Bryandale Pre-Primary School philosophy

The Principal and the Trustees recognize that it is the role of the School to provide an education to as many children as is practical.  In this context, the efficient collection of school fees from parents represents a vital contribution to the cost of delivering a good education.

Where parents, however, fail to pay school fees, which are within their capacity to pay, it is a matter of justice to other families that the non-complying families should be required to meet their obligations or be excluded from the School.

This policy in relation to the collection of school fees will be applied in both the spirit of Christian charity and justice.

The School Trustees have approved this Policy on 16th May 2018.