The Bryandale Daycare Centre was established to provide a childcare facility and service for the children of teachers and staff at Bryandale Primary School and Bryandale Pre-Primary School. A maximum of ten children/babies of between 4 months and 3 years old are accommodated.

Children of staff members of Bryandale Primary School and Bryandale Pre-Primary School will be given preference. Thereafter, children of parents and then outsiders.

IMG 8990Daycare hours are from 07h00 t0 15h00.

We have spaces available in our Daycare Centre. We accept children from 4 months to 3 years. Please contact Angela Tyson on (011) 463 6820 for details.

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Daycare fees for 2024 are R4 500.00 per month.



  1. An APPLICATION FEE is payable when applying to the Daycare Centre and is non­-refundable
  1. The SCHOOL FEES, as laid down by the Governing Body, are payable monthly in advance. Fees are payable by the 1st of each month, failing which the attendance of your child will be terminated at our Daycare Centre with immediate effect. Payment is to be made by stop order or by electronic transfer.  A copy of the birth certificate and immunisation record to be given to the office on enrolment.  If fees are paid by EFT, then proof of payment must be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  1. A MONTH'S NOTICE, in writing, is required when leaving the Daycare Centre, or ONE MONTH'S FEES in lieu of notice. This notice must reach the office at the beginning of the month, failing which you will be liable for one month's fees.
  1. Please notify the office of any CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER whether residential or business of either parent.
  1. DAYCARE TERMS will coincide with the Gauteng Education Department State Schools.
  1. DAYCARE HOURS are from 7h00 to 15h00. Children MUST be fetched PROMPTLY by 15h00 or earlier.  If your child will be staying later than 13h30 please inform Michelle as to the time your child will be fetched, so that she is able to plan her afternoon.  If you have an emergency and are unable to fetch your child by 15h00, your child will be taken care of, by Michelle or Mirriam at a rate of R100,00 per hour or part thereof.   Please take note that this is only in times of emergencies.
  1. Children may NOT be dropped off in the parking area. Parents are requested to take them personally to the Daycare Centre. Please drive slowly and carefully at all times in the parking area in front of the school.
  1. No child / baby will be permitted to leave the Daycare Centre with anyone not authorised by the parent. Written notification is required if a child is going home with anyone other than has been arranged with the Daycare Supervisor.
  1. If your child has been upset or ILL during the night, please inform the office.
  1. If your child is UNABLE TO ATTEND Daycare due to illness or any other reason,

Please telephone the Daycare Supervisor. SICK CHILDREN must have alternative arrangements made for them. They may not attend Daycare. MEDICINES may not be administered at Daycare, so children may only return when their medication is finished.

  1.  Parents are to SUPPLY the following items for their child ON A DAILY BASIS

A lunch for midday – healthy, no cake or sweets

  1. All milk formula & bottles if necessary
  2. Hats (sunscreen is provided)
  3. At least 2 sets of spare clothing per day, in the child's nappy bag.
  4. A face cloth or wet wipes.
  5. Only DISPOSABLE NAPPIES may be used. Each parent to supply their own daily supply of nappies, wet wipes, nappy / barrier creams for their child.


  1. It is the parent's responsibility to discuss their child's bottles/sleep times/snacks etc. with the Daycare Supervisor.
  1. Cots, blankets and bedding will all be supplied by the Daycare Centre for your child's use.
  1. Prams, educational and developmental toys will be supplied by the Daycare Centre for your child's use.
  1. The Daycare Centre will have facilities for storing bottles, food, drink, etc. A microwave oven is also supplied to heat your child's food.
  1. An AGREEMENT OF ENROLMENT WITH INDEMNITY and a LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE containing the fee agreement prior to enrolment is to be signed by all parents.      
Mrs Nadine Correia


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