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A comprehensive Grade R programme based on sound educational principals as per the CAPS curriculum.  Full implementation of the Jolly Phonics reading system. The value for Grade R is Love!

Qualified Teachers:

Fully qualified Pre-Primary school teachers with the minimum of a four-year Pre-Primary teaching diploma.

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Grade R Curriculum 


We have introduced STEAM as part of our curriculum.  STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. It’s an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems.


IMG 8982To encourage pre-reading and a love of reading, we have a “Travelling Bear”. Every child has a turn to take their special class travelling bear home for the weekend and with Mom and Dad they record what the travelling bear and child did together over the weekend. This is recorded in the “Traveling Bear” notebook. Both the bear and the book go home in a special backpack

The “Travelling Bear” returns to school every Monday and the child, with the teacher’s assistance “read” to the class all they did over the weekend.


Shop Day takes place every Wednesday morning. Every child has a turn to be the shopkeeper and to bring cupcakes, biscuits or any treat to “sell” to the class. Every child has a turn to be the shopkeeper on a Friday. We encourage parents to provide healthy alternatives to cupcakes, biscuits and sugary treats.IMG 8983


Every Friday every child has a turn to be the “star of the week”. The child brings a poster, which the child has made with the parents. The poster is all about the child and includes pictures of the child’s favourite things eg. Food, restaurant, activities etc and pictures of the family pets and anything else which is special to the child. The child is given the opportunity to show the children their poster and to discuss it. The child wears a star badge and the poster is displayed in the classroom for a week.


The children have library once a week where they choose a book to take home to read

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